Skincare  Services 


Our Skin Specialist will carefully select the most suitable treatment(s) tailored to your unique skin care needs and goals. The focus of this brightening facial is to address unwanted pigmentation and uneven skin tone effectively. The treatment involves a combination of AHA’s and natural enzymes, which work to deeply exfoliate, tighten, and lighten the skin. To further enhance your skin’s radiance, a soothing Vitamin C mask will be applied. Following that, our specialist will apply a curated selection of custom serums, moisturizers, and sun protection products to nourish and protect your skin.





75 Minutes $150



Experience the rejuvenating effects of our Classic Facial, designed to cleanse and nourish your skin deeply. This treatment aims to bring clarity and radiance to your dermis, leaving you with a fresh and revitalized complexion.

The process begins with a thorough double cleanse, followed by a gentle vegetal peeling to open up pores for effective extractions. The facial is completed with the application of nutrient-rich serums, eye cream, and moisturizer, providing your skin with the essential elements it needs to thrive.

60 Minutes  $120


Get a quick, rejuvenating experience with our Microdermabrasion Treatment. This 60-minute session includes Diamond microdermabrasion, extractions, massage, and a revitalizing mask.

Achieve a brighter, refined, and glowing complexion with gentle exfoliation and thorough extractions.

60 Minutes $110





Experience the power of 100% natural & non-toxic skincare with our advanced transformative treatment. This 90-minute session is designed to repair skin, enhance radiance, and rejuvenate your complexion.

The treatment includes extractions, exfoliation, a resurfacing mask, soothing massage, and a refreshing blast of oxygen for naturally glowing results.



90 Minutes $175


Experience the Perfect Skin Glow Treatment designed especially for teens or those 18 years and younger, targeting blemishes and preventing breakouts. This 90-minute session includes exfoliation, extractions, massage, and a customized mask, providing ample hydration for your skin.



90 Minutes $180




Rediscover youthful radiance with our Age-Defying Facial. This 90-minute treatment utilizes the powerful antioxidant effects of our Anti-Aging Serum, along with micro-needling and an anti-gravity massage to visibly lift the skin around the jaw and neck, restoring elasticity and tone.

The clinical actives in our potent serum work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone, and revitalize stressed skin. Experience an instant radiant glow with visibly diminished fine lines.

90 Minutes $350


Discover the power of our firming Eternal Radiance Treatment designed to unveil ageless beauty. This 90-minute session incorporates micro-needling to naturally stimulate new collagen and elastin production, resulting in healthy-looking, plump, smooth, lifted, and younger-looking skin.

Experience the long-lasting and sculpted effects without any pain or downtime. The treatment involves micro-needling to promote collagen and cell renewal, complemented by a soothing mask and a home care treatment to maintain your radiant results





90 Minutes $350


Experience the power of our trilogy treatment, Advanced Skin Transformation focused on skin rejuvenation, tightening, and transformative results. This 90-minute session combines micro-needling,

fractional mesotherapy, and radio frequency power to significantly enhance your skin complexion, elasticity, collagen structure, and address concerns on the face and around the eye area.

The layered effect of these three modalities works to restore youthful radiance and provides long-lasting results. For optimal outcomes, we recommend scheduling treatments 4-6 weeks apart.

Please note that this treatment entails 2 days of social downtime, during which you can go to work but should avoid wearing makeup.



90 Minutes $450


Concerned about hair loss? Reclaim your confidence with our Hair Renewal Treatment. This proven hair cell scalp revitalization treatment is infused with at least 8 growth factors, working tirelessly to replenish and rejuvenate your skin. Experience hair growth that is 8 times stronger.



Starting at $300